High Voltage Engineering

High Voltage Engineering is the study of electrical systems and equipment that operate at high voltages. It covers a wide range of topics, from the design and construction of high voltage power lines to the insulation of electrical equipment. High-voltage engineers must have a good understanding of electricity and its properties, as well as the …

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The engineering field is constantly evolving and expanding. Every year, new and innovative technologies are developed that have the potential to change the way we live and work. Here are five of the newest fields in engineering that you need to explore: 1. Biomedical Engineering 2. Nanotechnology 3. Renewable energy 4. 3D printing 5. Robotics …


Latest research topics in civil engineering

Civil engineering research is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a growing population and changing environment. The latest research topics include sustainability, resilience, and big data. Sustainability is a key concern for civil engineers, as they seek to find ways to reduce the impact of infrastructure on the environment. Resilience is another important topic, …

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Earthquake Engineering

Nearly every civilization in history has been adversely affected by earthquakes. The ancient city of Pompeii was destroyed and its citizens were buried alive when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 caused a tsunami that inundated the Portuguese capital and killed tens of thousands of people. The 1906 San …

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Engineering career start with letter P

1. Packaging Engineer 2. Party Chief 3. PCB Designer 4. Performance System Engineer 5. Petroleum Engineer 6. Pharmaceutical Engineer 7. Pharmaceutical Process Engineer 8. Photogrammetric Technician 9. Photogrammetrist 10. Photonics Engineer 11. Photonics Engineering Technician 12. Piping Designer 13. Piping Engineer 14. Piping/Mechanical Designer 15. Plan Service Engineer 16. Planning Engineer 17. Plant Equipment Engineer …

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Engineering career start with letter O

1. Office Engineer 2. Operations Engineer 3. Optical Design Engineer 4. Optical Engineer 5. Optical Engineering Technician 6. Optical Manufacturing Technician 7. Optics Test Technician 8. Optoelectronics Engineer 9. Optomechanical Engineer 10. Ordnance Engineer 11. Ordnance Engineering Technician 12. Outside Plant Engineer 13. Owner, Consulting Engineer

How American Universities Calculate the GPA

US universities utilize the grading scale to determine the GPA of a student. Students get their grades based on their overall performance over the whole academic year. Learn more to learn more about how the grading scale can be employed to determine an GPA. While you are studying at a university in USA Acronyms are …

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Engineering careers start with letter M

1. Machine Design Engineer 2. Machine Designer 3. Machine Tool Designer 4. Machining Engineer 6. Maintainability Engineer 7. Management Engineer 8. Manager of Electrical Engineering 9. Manager, Environmental and Safety 10. Manager, Hardware Engineering 11. Manager, Quality Engineer 12. Manufacturing Associate Engineer 13. Manufacturing Consultant 14. Manufacturing Controls Engineer 15. Manufacturing Development Engineer 16. Manufacturing …

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Engineering Careers That Start with L

1. Laboratory Engineer 2. Lamination Technician 3. Land Survey Technician 4. Land Surveyor  5. Landscape Architect  6. Landscape Architect and Planner  7. Landscape Architecture Professor 8. Landscape Designer 9. Laser Engineer 10. Laser Systems Engineer 11. Laser Technician 12. Lead Application Engineer 13. Lead Controls Engineer 14. Lead Design Engineer 15. Lead Drafter 16. Lead …

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