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Easiest and Quick Method to Calcula...
Easiest and Quick Method to Calculate Your CGPA in the University

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KTU CGPA to Percentage Conversion Table:

3 CGPA28.50%
3.1 CGPA29.45%
3.2 CGPA30.40%
3.3 CGPA31.35%
3.4 CGPA32.30%
3.5 CGPA33.25%
3.6 CGPA34.20%
3.7 CGPA35.15%
3.8 CGPA36.10%
3.9 CGPA37.05%
4 CGPA38%
4.1 CGPA38.95%
4.2 CGPA39.90%
4.3 CGPA40.85%
4.4 CGPA41.80%
4.5 CGPA42.75%
4.6 CGPA43.70%
4.7 CGPA44.65%
4.8 CGPA45.60%
4.9 CGPA46.55%
5 CGPA47.50%
5.1 CGPA48.45%
5.2 CGPA49.40%
5.3 CGPA50.35%
5.4 CGPA51.30%
5.5 CGPA52.25%
5.6 CGPA53.20%
5.7 CGPA54.15%
5.8 CGPA55.10%
5.9 CGPA56.05%
6 CGPA57%
6.1 CGPA57.95%
6.2 CGPA58.90%
6.3 CGPA59.85%
6.4 CGPA60.80%
6.5 CGPA61.75%
6.6 CGPA62.70%
6.7 CGPA63.65%
6.8 CGPA64.60%
6.9 CGPA65.55%
7 CGPA66.50%
7.1 CGPA67.45%
7.2 CGPA68.40%
7.3 CGPA69.35%
7.4 CGPA70.30%
7.5 CGPA71.25%
7.6 CGPA72.20%
7.7 CGPA73.15%
7.8 CGPA74.10%
7.9 CGPA75.05%
8 CGPA76%
8.1 CGPA76.95%
8.2 CGPA77.90%
8.3 CGPA78.85%
8.4 CGPA79.80%
8.5 CGPA80.75%
8.6 CGPA81.70%
8.7 CGPA82.65%
8.8 CGPA83.60%
8.9 CGPA84.55%
9 CGPA85.50%
9.1 CGPA86.45%
9.2 CGPA87.40%
9.3 CGPA88.35%
9.4 CGPA89.30%
9.5 CGPA90.25%
9.6 CGPA91.20%
9.7 CGPA92.15%
9.8 CGPA93.10%
9.9 CGPA94.05%
10 CGPA95%

How to Calculate CGPA in KTU?

CGPA in KTU is calculated as the weighted average of grade point multiplied by the credits assigned for the respective courses.

The formula to calculate KTU CGPA is, CGPA =Σ(Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

where, Ci is the grade assigned for a course, and GPi is the grade point for the respective course.


What is the difference between CGPA and SGPA?

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Points Average. The main difference between CGPA and SGPA is that, CGPA is the average grade point obtained by a student by evaluating the overall performance in a school or college, while SGPA is the average grade point obtained in a semester or an academic session.

How to convert CGPA into marks?

Let your semester CGPA be 6.5. Then, multiply it by 9.5 to convert CGPA into marks. For example, CGPA in semester 1 = 5.2. So, CGPA converted to marks = 5.2*9.5=49.4
Please note that this method of converting CGPA into marks may not be the same for all universities.

How to convert CGPA into Percentage?

To convert CGPA into percentage, you can simply multiply your CGPA by 9.5.

Is CGPA different for different colleges in KTU?

No. It doesn’t matter what college you are in. If you are a KTU B-tech/engineering student, then the process of calculation of CGPA is same for all. You can use the KTU CGPA calculator above to easily find out yours.

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