CBSE CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator for CBSE students. Now calculate your board exam CGPA score easily with this calculator.

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CBSE Grade Table:

91 to 100A110
81 to 90A29
71 to 80B18
61 to 70B27
51 to 60C16
41 to 50C25
33 to 40D4
21 to 32E10
00 to 20E20

How to use CBSE CGPA Calculator?

Step 1: Select the grades you scored in each subject (Maximum subjects = 6).

Step 2: Click on the ‘Calculate’ button and a detailed table of your CGPA score will appear just below. You can see your grade, grade point, marks range and percentage. To check again, click on the ‘Reset’ button.

How can I calculate my CBSE CGPA score manually?

CGPA score is the average grade point scored by a student in a specific exam series. To calculate it manually, take the sum of grade points obtained in all exams, then divide it by total number of exams.

How to calculate percentage from CGPA?

CGPA can be converted into percentage by multiplying the CGPA score by 9.5. For example, let us consider CGPA score as 8.6, then the equivalent percentage is 8.6*9.5 = 81.7%.

What is the minimum percentage of marks to qualify for CBSE exam?

You must score a minimum of 33% marks in order to qualify for CBSE exams.

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