How American Universities Calculate the GPA


US universities utilize the grading scale to determine the GPA of a student. Students get their grades based on their overall performance over the whole academic year. Learn more to learn more about how the grading scale can be employed to determine an GPA.



While you are studying at a university in USA Acronyms are an essential aspect of your daily life. An acronym is that is usually formed from the initial letters of a set word or group of words. A lot of acronyms you encounter or read about will be specific to the university you attend (like COB for College of Business) However, one acronym can be found everywhere you study: GPA.



GPA is an abbreviation of GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average. It is a figure that is calculated from your grades while studying at the US university. If you are enrolled in an US university GPA is calculated in the range of 0.0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being the most high your GPA could be. GPA is extremely important to students in US universities. Students have to maintain an appropriate GPA to continue their studies at the university. Some scholarship programs require an aforementioned degree in GPA to be maintained. Likewise, certain fields require minimum GPAs before continuing to study in the particular program.



This chart will show you the amount each letter grade can be worth, in terms of points to GPA:



A = 90-100%                                                                                             4
B = 80-89%                                                                                               3
C = 70-79%                                                                                               2
D = 60-69%                                                                                               1
F = < 60%                                                                                                  0
To determine a GPA suppose that a student enrolls in five classes in one semester. Four of the classes are 3 hours and one is a 4 hour class. (The word hour can be used to mean credit The number of credits or hours determines the amount of a course will be worth.) That means the student has to take 16 hours during the duration of the semester (four 3 hour classes and one class of 4 hours). At the close of the semester this student will earn these grades



Class 1: 3 hrs                                                                                            A
Class 2: 3 hrs                                                                                            B
Class 3: 3 hrs                                                                                            B
Class 4: 3 hrs                                                                                            C
Class 5: 4 hrs                                                                                            A
To be able to determine the GPA of a student to determine the GPA, students must count the number of credits/hours each class counts (3 hours or 4 hours) In this instance, the hours is multiplied by the number of points earned by the class (A=4 and so on. ).



Class 1: 3 hrs                                            A (4)                                        12
Class 2: 3 hrs                                            B (3)                                         9
Class 3: 3 hrs                                            B (3)                                         9
Class 4: 3 hrs                                            C (2)                                         6
Class 5: 4 hrs                                            B (3)                                       12
After the number in points for each class has been determined (3×4 or 3×4 etc. ) and then they are then added up. This student was awarded the total number of 48 points (12+9+9+6+12) during the course. The student was able to complete 16 hours. This means that the student\’s grade of 3.0 for the entire semester (48/16=3.0).


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