Engineering Careers That Start with H

There are lot of engineering careers that start to choose from. If you are looking for engineering careers that start with H, here it is. You can have a look at them below. The role of engineering jobs are also mentioned below.

Engineering Careers That Start with H

  • Hardware Design Engineer – Hardware design engineers work collaboratively with software engineers to build new components, test prototypes, and supervise the manufacturing of various hardware components.
  • Hardware Development Engineer – They are in charge of hardware component design, manufacture, installation, and upgrades.
  • Head Design Engineer – One who is responsible for their company\’s vision, design, and strategy.
  • Health And Safety Manager – A health and safety manager is a person in charge engaged by a firm to guarantee that the company\’s operations are run in accordance with the law by implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving a health and safety management system.
  • Heat Transfer Technician – Under the guidance of engineering professionals or physical scientists, alter, design, test, or adapt machinery and equipment using mechanical engineering theory and concepts.
  • Heating Engineer – The duty of a Heating Engineer is to work entirely on a building\’s heating system, maintaining and installing the pipework, fixtures, and fittings that are utilized to heat a structure.
  • Highway Design Engineer
  • Highway Engineer – Because the duties and responsibilities of a highway engineer are focused on the concept and practicality of the design, there is a significant opportunity to build a broad skill set.
  • Highway Technician – Highway maintenance experts are in charge of keeping highways and roads in good repair.
  • Human Factors Engineer – Human Factors Engineering (HFE) is a branch of engineering that deals with the design of tools, machines, and systems that take human capabilities, limitations, and traits into account.
  • Human Factors Ergonomist – Human Factors (or Ergonomics) focuses on how to make the most of these skills by designing occupations and equipment that are suitable for others.
  • HVAC Engineer – The duty of a HVAC Engineer is to design ventilation, conditioning and heating systems for buildings such as offices, schools or residential spaces.
  • Hybrid Powertrain Development Engineer
  • Hydraulic Engineer – The Hydraulic Engineer is responsible for researching the effects of water and providing knowledge and advise on projects involving water supply, drainage, and flooding.
  • Hydrologic Engineer – Hydrology engineers are civil or environmental engineers who specialize in projects involving the use and/or regulation of water, as well as the quality of water. Water in watersheds, floodplains, and reservoirs may be a focus for them.

List of Engineering Careers that start with H

  1. Hardware Design Engineer
  2. Hardware Development Engineer
  3. Head Design Engineer
  4. Health And Safety Manager
  5. Heat Transfer Technician
  6. Heating Engineer
  7. Highway Design Engineer
  8. Highway Engineer
  9. Highway Technician
  10. Human Factors Engineer
  11. Human Factors Ergonomist
  12. HVAC Engineer
  13. Hybrid Powertrain Development Engineer
  14. Hydraulic Engineer
  15. Hydrologic Engineer

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